Sunday, October 27, 2013


Remember that post with older pics? Yeah, this one has older pics as well. And you'll probably see older pics show up over the next few posts, too. So many pics, so little time to share. But because that's all extended family wants to see I have to find a way to eventually share some of those pics. Modern day, live away from family kind of dilemmas.

As the weekend closes and I look ahead at what's planned for this week, I'm hopeful for some down days. Some no-where-to-go so we can just play-at-home-and-be-outside kind of days. It's been a while since we've enjoyed some of those. And, with weather as perfect as this week suggests, I think time by the lake and the creek and in the leaves is just what three continually active kids need. Not so much what this very tired and very slow moving mamma needs, but I'm getting good at discovering hidden logs or rocks to rest my weary back.
Less than eight weeks to go. Eight short and eight very full weeks and then my blessed family of five grows to a blessed family of six. Amazing and exciting. Newborn clothes are washed and in drawers and newborn diapers are bought and stored. It's go time!

Although I'm thankful for an easy pregnancy this time around, the beginning of this third trimester has been anything but pleasant. Vomiting? Showing its ugly self without much warning and at the least expected times. Fatigue? There is no nap long enough to take the edge off of it. Tears? They come without a thought or a reason. Cooking? Usually enjoyable and not a big deal; now it's detestable and the biggest frustration of my day. So, while everyone in my family says they are excited to meet our new little man, I'm fairly certain the underlying message is that they cannot wait for me to return to some semblance of normal!
While I've had many days of constant effort just to keep my head off the pillow, the boys and I have still managed to have some great school days. Thank you, Jesus. True, some areas of science and history have lost the excitement and allure since above and beyond projects and experiments haven't been happening, but all in all we're still tracking and staying on schedule. 

And, to fill some time when I just can't put on the teacher hat, the boys have been busy completing various tasks and jobs that extend beyond their regular chore list. They are working to earn money so they can choose farm animals, textiles, Bibles, and biblical literature for families in Asia as Christmas gifts. And they are having a riot doing it! I love seeing their willingness to work and their enthusiasm when they realize they've "just earned enough money to buy two more chickens!" 

And speaking of Christmas gifts, have you begun your shopping yet? I'm hoping to have things complete by Thanksgiving and am well on the way. With three birthdays thrown into the holiday mix and a baby boy that may debut at anytime come December, I'd rather be ready early than texting gift ideas and wrapping instructions to my husband from my hospital room. (You're welcome, Babe.)
But back to this week. A couple of doctor appointments. A tentative park date with friends. Bible study and home school class. Trick-or-treating. And the regular routine of school work and housework. It all seems manageable and it all seems low-key. Finally. A week without rushing and going and being and doing a hundred things at the same time for different people. Know that feeling? 

And the time change! Who can forget the time change? Dark dinners, cozy inside, candles burning, fireplace on. I love falling back an hour. Previous years have had my kids sleeping in each day during the fall and winter months and my fingers are crossed that this year is no different. But unfortunately, that's temptation for me to sleep in as well.

As I close this week and prepare for a new one, I'm praying for added measures of patience and an attitude of joy. Even when I'm tired and nauseous. And, I pray your week is flooded with gifts of God's grace, too.

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  1. Praying that this week is indeed restful and relaxing! Enjoy those sweet kiddo's!