Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Walk Outdoors

Touching. Seeing. Smelling. Hearing. And yes, even tasting. All our senses were engaged. We were outdoors. 
Walking. Climbing. Jumping. Digging. Collecting. Organizing. Our minds were active in thought and discussion as our bodies moved quickly from thing to thing in God's big backyard.
Birds sang. Small waves lapped. Leaves rustled. Ducks quacked. Grasshoppers jumped. Lizards scurried. Our observations of movement and sound - pure and natural - came fast and furious when we stopped to take notice.
Colors radiated. Branches beckoned. Leaf piles delighted. Water tempted. Small critters teased. Our desires to be in - to be a part of - the brilliance of creation were unhindered.

Two hours. Wet shoes. Muddy knees. Dirty hands. Satisfied smiles. Our bodies were proof of discovery and observation and delight and exploration in something much bigger than our textbooks.

And so, our walk outdoors was the breath of fresh air our souls needed to remind us that learning - science and math and art and language - is everywhere. 

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