Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Snow of 2018

With daffodils in full bloom, windows open, and kids playing outside in t-shirts, I thought it about as good a time as any to remember the snow storm of 2018. The storm that sent four crippling inches of snow and closed the city for several days. The storm that gave my kids hours of snowy delight before melting and returning to a balmy 50 degrees. The storm that reminded me of the drippy chore of arranging snowy hats and mittens and boots on a beach towel by the back door. 

But alas. Spring is coming. Trees are showing buds. Days are brighter longer. And baseball season has started, which, in our home is the official announcement that spring is here.
(Pics of my boys in the snow? Forget it. They were long gone in the woods. Or down the street playing football. Or running like maniacs with the neighbors dogs.)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Nana's Visit

Remember waaay back to December when it was Christmas? And New Year's? And two birthdays? Well, Nana also came to visit and joined in on all that fun. (And why is it already mid-February and I'm talking about last Christmas?!)
Awesome: Nana generously gifted the two birthday boys with gifts matching their personalities and interests.

Not so awesome: I'm finding Hulk Nerf bullets in the most unexpected places from Jax, and there are always decks of playing cards on every open surface in our house from Micah.
After birthday celebrations we moved on to a belated Christmas celebration. With gifts seemingly coming from Nana every day of her visit, I sure hope my kids don't begin to expect this every time!
And after birthday celebrations and a belated Christmas celebration, we moved on to a New Year's Eve celebration. This was nothing big, mind you, just a few Minute-To-Win-It games that everyone could play together.
Fun fact: Nana kicked everyone's tail and won nearly every game! She was patient. She was persistent. She was willing to be silly. And she was a winner because of it!
Please note the crying three-year old in the background. It just wasn't fair his dice didn't stay on the spoon and it was obviously everybody else's fault!
Want to laugh till it hurts? Watch someone place a cookie on their forehead and try to get it in their mouth using only their face muscles.
This is the face of cool calm, or maybe one of "Why can my mom do this and I can't?!"
Thanks, YouTube, for helping my kids ring in the new year with an artificial countdown and fireworks. Getting them in bed by 10:00 bode much better the next day rather than them staying up till midnight.
Believe it or not, once all of our partying days were over, we actually enjoyed doing normal things with Nana! Board games, card games, and, a highlight for Grady Lee, assembling his 1,000-piece Star Wars puzzle.
On Nana's last evening with us, she treated our family to dinner out, and Micah treated everyone to dessert out. So generous! So thoughtful! And so appreciated.
And just like that five days were over and Nana was loading up her car and making the long drive home again. I know Nana's love their grand kids, but I don't know of many Nana's willing to drive alone for 10 hours in the snow to visit their grand kids. She loves us well and sacrifices for us routinely... and we are so thankful for the gift she is to us!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Micah David: 10 Years Old

This handsome guy? He's 10 years old now. TEN. (Say what?!)

He's handsome and funny. He's curious and witty. He's athletic and creative. He's friendly and confident. He's insightful and patient. And, he's a gift and a treasure to our family!

Birthdays in our family begin with your breakfast of choice, followed by a fun family activity, then dinner out where you want, and ending with gifts and your favorite dessert. 
It was no surprise when Micah requested cinnamon rolls and asked for a morning at Top Golf. Sugar + Sports = Winning Combination (in his mind) Every Time
Micah is into anything sports-related, learning magic tricks, and trying to beat logic games. He had his fingers and toes crossed for a Go-Pro, tickets to the Super Bowl, and a ping pong table for his birthday but those gifts didn't make the cut. Maybe next year. (But probably not.)
Because he walks to the beat of his own drum and has no hesitation about doing things his way, he asked for mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. No cake, no cupcakes, no brownies, and no cookies. Just ice cream. And it had to be mint chocolate chip.
Micah is a loyal Golden State Warriors fan and was so excited when we gifted him with tickets to see the Warriors play while they were in Charlotte. It was a special night out with just Dad. And, because he turned 10, it was his first time riding in the front seat, which to him was a big deal.
Spend five minutes with Micah and you'll see him climb or jump or flip on something. (Thank you American Ninja Warriors.) When he discovered there was a small ninja course close to home he asked a few friends to join him there for his birthday.
He had a fun (and sweaty time) and realized just how hard some obstacles are. Special thanks to my husband who spent an entire day with fifth and sixth grade boys (who belch and tell dumb jokes non- stop) and managed to impress them with his warped wall and salmon ladder abilities.
Micah David, Happy 10th Birthday! Thank you for sharing your humor, being willing to adapt, and caring for the feelings of others. I value your perspective, your inquisitiveness, and your originality. It's a joy to be your mom and you are a gift I cherish.
This year as you continue to grow, mature, and learn, I pray that you will recognize in a personal way what God desires of you: "He has told you, O [Micah], what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" Micah 6:8

Saturday, January 27, 2018

This and That

Pure joy and simple delight. Each season brings new adventure and possibility.
Loud laughs with lots of friendsand content smiles with buds that are brothers. Relationships of all types are important.
Dress-up with a sibling and doll-dreaming with friends. Imagining and wishing are gifts to stimulate and anticipate.
Playing with family and playing with friends. A home that welcomes the noise and mess from both is important.
Hugs from Dad and time with Mom. One-on-one gives unique glimpses into personalities.
Wife first and Mom second. Different titles for different roles... and immensely proud to be both.