Tuesday, June 19, 2018

April and May

During April...
- School began to wind down and, since spring weather was perfect, we spent a lot of time at various parks with friends. 
- My man turned 40! He proudly embraced the new decade and reminded me the best years were yet to come. (I'm not convinced, however, because we've enjoyed some pretty amazing milestones and experiences so far together.)
- Our home school co-op ended (hallelujah!) and our weekly Bible study concluded for the summer.
- Weekends involved several baseball tournaments - and Grady Lee demonstrated great improvement in all areas and showed why he truly belonged on the team.
- We spent a week at the beach down in Alabama.

During May...
- We enjoyed a morning of strawberry picking with friends.
- Our community group gathered for a weekend camping and had THE best time.
- Generous friends gifted us with tickets to Carowinds or the day and we enjoyed riding everything with no wait times.
- We clocked the 180th day of school in early May and celebrated another year of hard work, lots of learning, and plenty of fun.
- Several friends gathered for mini golf and the botanical gardens, where we totally walked past every single flower and instead spent all time in the fountains and merry-go-round (and mud puddles).
- Grandpa and Grandma came to visit and gave so much love, encouragement, and joy.
- Friends, friends, and friends! We are thankful for them and appreciate the flexibility to spend so much time playing and exploring together.

I know: I don't have pics of my big boys. Obviously that's because I love my littles more and have more fun with them. (?!?!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Spartan Race

Grady's "thing" is fitness. Exercising. Lifting. Guzzling protein shakes. Munching on granola. And he does all this for FUN.

My "thing" is yet to be determined because I haven't discovered my hidden talents or delights, but I assure you it is NOT the above mentioned. Sure I like to be active, but I don't like to sweat on purpose for 30 minutes and do everything I can to strain and stretch muscles. (Which is probably why I don't have any?)

The last couple of years he's participated in a Spartan Race and somehow I was cajoled into joining him this spring. It's still foggy how it all happened because I can't imagine agreeing to this on my own volition, but I think he may have swayed me with some sort of "It'll be fun! We'll take it slow and do it together. I'll do the burpees for any obstacle you can't complete. We're turning 40 and this is a great way to welcome in our new decade together."

Sine I work out zero days a week and exercise approximately never, joining Grady for a Spartan Race was a no-brainer. Obviously this was a recipe for indescribable fun and memorable togetherness. 

Because traipsing through the woods while climbing walls and dragging sandbags and hanging from rings and swimming across rivers and army-crawling under barbed wire in a steady rain and balmy 55 degrees is a surefire way to foster love, tenderness, and togetherness. 

I am ecstatic to report that I completed all but four obstacles, and that was only because my fingers were purple and completely numb. And while Grady encouraged me to "jump around and keep moving to get warm," my death look of "I'm DONE" was enough for him to finish strong on his own and leave me alone. 

We ran the finishing stretch with vigor and excitement - and while Grady took his flying leap over the fire at the finish line, I stopped and stood still to warm my hands and fingers before frostbite set in.

So there you have it. We did it. I DID IT! And, my goodness, if I can do it you can certainly do it. While I don't have pictures to prove we completed the race, I have remaining bruises and a heavy, clanky medal of honor to display.

My boys, wanting to do anything their dad can do, were super excited about the 2-mile youth race. Grady Lee was all in and fully engaged the entire time. Micah started with enthusiasm but after obstacle number two he was done. Cold + Wet + Tired = No Fun. (Hhmm, wonder who he gets that from?!)

Grady Lee was great about helping other kids complete obstacles and patiently waiting for his brother to stay caught up. And Micah was a rock star simply because he finished without quitting, complaining, or crying. 

Much to my delight (and dismay), Annalyse and Jaxton are begging to do the race next year as well. If everyone in my family does it I suppose that means I'll have to do it again because I can't be just the mom on the side cheering and holding the backpack with band aids and water bottles. In their eyes I'm semi-amazing because I completed the race when no one but my husband thought it was possible. I can't let my image of Athletic Beast slip away.