Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Calling All Super Heroes!

Super heroes. Friends. Cake. Games. That's all Jaxton asked for when we began talking about his fourth birthday party, and it all seemed simple enough to make happen.

I'm thankful for a husband who kicked it into high-gear and organized several fun super hero-themed games for the kids, and for two older boys who were amazing assistants! The cherry on top? Nana was visiting that same weekend and got to enjoy watching Jax run wild with his birthday party buddies.

The kids enjoyed an hour of Stick the Star on Captain America's Shield, Villian Tie-Up, Balloon Blitz and Challenge, a Kryptonite Scavenger Hunt, Kryptonite Removal Relay, and a Super Hero Training Course. 

Then it was time for cake, snacks, and presents! I loved watching the cluster of heads all pressed in to see each gift Jaxton opened and to take excited credit of "That's from me! Do you like it?" So sweet.

And apparently, because a two-hour Super Hero party wasn't enough, everyone stayed an hour longer to play outside while the adults relaxed and chatted inside. No major messes and no major injuries, but for certain a majorly good time!

Happy Fourth Birthday Jaxton!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jaxton Isaac: Four Years Old

The tornado... the train wreck... the hot mess... the Jaxtonator... is now FOUR years old! Its true. I was pregnant, he was born, and suddenly he's a non-stop talking and non-stop moving four-year old. 
I sat down with the birthday boy to glean some insights into his favorite things. And, should you be wondering, he has opinions. Strong ones! He has answers. Multiple ones!
What is your favorite cartoon?
PJ Masks because of the funny villains. And I just started to like it because dad got a new TV channel for me to see it on.

What is your favorite game?
Slap Jack because Mr. Sean taught me and it's fun.

What is your favorite book?
I think I like all the books. But maybe I like super hero books the most because I like the super heroes that can fly.
What is your favorite healthy food?
Cheese sticks... they're a little bit healthy, right?

What is your favorite treat or dessert?
Cake with frosting that I can lick.

What is your favorite thing to do with our family?
Play sports like baseball because I'm really good at it.
What is your favorite sport?
Baseball because I can get so many home runs.

What is your favorite part of pre-school?
Tracing letters and shapes. Wait, actually I like show and tell at co-op the most.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Firehouse Subs because I get my own bag of chips.
What is your favorite Bible story?
When God created the whole world.

What is your favorite color?
Yellow because some yellows are very shiny. And because I like the sun.

What is going to be your favorite thing about being FOUR?
I don't know. I like to open presents but I already did that. You can just write down whatever you want to.
Jaxton Isaac, my baby boy is gone and a growing little man has taken his place! I love you so much and pray Psalm 1 over you regularly: that you will avoid the way of the wicked and delight in the laws of the Lord, and that you will be firm in God's truth and experience his blessing.

Happy Fourth Birthday Buddy!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mammal Organs in My Kitchen

Not too long ago,Micah and Annalyse needed to come up with a science project and presentation about a land animal. They didn't have a lot of guidelines and they had freedom to play with different ideas. 

However, after less than two minutes of discussion about various options, Micah was resolute on dissecting something. It didn't matter what - just something. Annalyse immediately thought that was "so super cool" and before I knew it I was ordering a multi-pack of preserved organs from a cow and sheep.

Lord have mercy.

Because the pictures give a pretty good step-by-step, and because their presentation practice videos at the end give the general idea, you are free to skim along at your leisure.

Or not. 

Because maybe you're hyperventilating that they did this at our kitchen table. And maybe your heart is rapidly palpitating because you've recently joined our family for dinner and are skeptical about cross contamination.

Have no fear: disposable tarp, plenty of Lysol wipes, and hot water. Times a lot of times.

And, the good news is that I have a sheep hart and brain sitting on a corner shelf in my pantry. Apparently it's good for six months so there's no rush to dissect it now, but I sure do hope we remember before it starts to... to do whatever it is preserved sheep organs do when they expire. (!!)