Thursday, October 24, 2013

To Think On

My Parents Brainwashed Me: My goal isn't to brainwash my kids. My goal is to do all I can to show them the salvation, security, and joy found in knowing, loving, and serving Jesus. Practically speaking, this plays out in many of the ways excellently spoken of here.

Why People Don't Make Disciples: "To be a disciple involves making disciples...Proclaiming the love of Christ is the overflow of sharing in the life of Christ," says David Platt. The question for you and I, aside from our opinions on Platt, is this: are we obeying Christ's command to make disciples and are we serving with a collective body that is eager to do the same?

While this article, The Road Less Traveled By, focuses on the walk of faith as it pertains to homeschooling, the general message is applicable to other areas as well - to those areas where we know we ought to walk with faith because of obedience to a calling put before us.

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  1. Great reminders, Sarah. You know it's interesting, when I was reading Jamie Martin's post, I thought, "that is how we felt about sending our children to public school!" ... like when she said, "It became more and more beautiful. The bend up ahead didn’t lead to a dark forest after all, but to a playful, babbling brook." We felt that our choice was the "road less traveled by" since most of our friends have chosen homeschooling for their families. God is good. He cares for us and guides in all of different paths. Thanks for always sharing!