Monday, April 10, 2017

Lagging Behind

I don't have time.

Or maybe I don't make time? 

Either way, this ole blog is behind! Weeks and weeks behind. So many pictures to share and stories to document, because I'm told that someday I'll look back and cry myself through the lonely times by remembering days when my house was full of little people.
I believe those empty-nester moms that I meet in the grocery store who wistfully tell me to "treasure these moments because they're fleeting." But, at this moment in time, I am anything but lonely and anything but crying because I am always needed and always touched and always being talked to and always on duty.
And the noise. Lord be merciful to me, the noise. 

In my house, there are big voices. Loud emotions. Rough play. Constant movement, which means constant injuries, which means constant crying... which means I spend a lot of time pretending to be fully engaged in a household chore so as to seem oblivious to the chaos happening around me so that I can escape doling out band aids, wiping tears, and mitigating squabbles. (Try it. After enough times it works.)
The school year is winding down (how IN THE WORLD did that happen so quickly?!); sports continue round the clock; play dates happen here, there, and everywhere; and each week is a new museum or park or field trip of some sort. 

So much fun; so little time.
Oh, and by the way, Grady and I escaped for a week and enjoyed a cruise. Over a month ago. A MONTH AGO. And I haven't shared details on that. Sigh.

And my birthday came and went, but not without my husband and kids generously celebrating me. Speaking of birthday's, Grady's is this Friday and we'll be in Charleston but it'll probably be another several weeks before I get around to sharing pictures and anecdotes about that getaway.

So much fun; so little time.
So for the handful of visitors that still check in for glimpses of our life, I'm still here. For the far-away family members who enjoy pictures of the kids, I'm sorry I'm not more diligent. And for my own kids who (I am confident) will one day appreciate this blog, you're welcome.
I'm signing off for now - but hopefully signing back on soon! Fingers crossed.

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