Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Samaritan Scholars Co Op

We joined a formal home school co op this past school year, and all in all it was a great experience. Without hesitation my kids would tell you Tuesdays were the favorite day of the week. 
My boys couldn't wait to see friends and play gaga ball at recess;  Annalyse couldn't wait to see her gaggle of girls and hold hands and whisper and giggle; and Jaxton couldn't wait for show and tell and crafts. 

Obviously my kids are academic over-achievers like that.
Somewhere in the midst of all the fun, I'm confident there was a lot of learning happening because they offer random facts about botany when we're in the produce section at the grocery store or while we're out walking in the woods; and when Thursday rolls around they remind me it's named after the Germanic god Thor; and whenever they see columns they remind me the Greeks figured out how to make them and that the Romans perfected them.

The kids have a new slew of friends and I've gotten to know several other moms to work alongside with as we navigate this home school journey. 

Community. Insight. Ideas. Creativity. Encouragement. It's so helpful to have an arsenal of this!
I'm including some random pics from throughout the year that I'm just now (finally getting around to) sharing - simple glimpses of some simple fun while learning. I'm so thankful for all the moms who put time and effort into making learning fun and hands-on!
Co op covered language arts and writing, history, science, and a variety of electives, such as PE, art, geography, drama, and cooking.

And recess. Let's not forget about recess.
We also joined our co op friends for several field trips and park/picnic dates throughout the year. Never ever think that choosing to home school means you're stuck at home. Most weeks I have consciously plan days to say no to activities and actually stay home to do school.
Co op aside, we're also in the final days of our other subjects as well. My kids are realizing that workbooks are almost complete, that textbooks are almost finished, and that May and time at the pool is imminent!

This school year flew by, as each one seems to do, but this one more so than others. We've read, studied, discussed, and visited more than years past. Our pace of life hasn't necessarily changed, but my boys have shown great independence to learn and forge ahead. This is a game changer.
Give us another couple of weeks, and we can officially say we have a 6th grader, 5th grader, 2nd grader, and a hot-mess trouble-maker!

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