Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Crazy Cousins

After almost a year since our last visit, this crazy bunch enjoyed a few days of fun, loud, silly, and creative time together.

Thank you, Frontier Air, for ridiculously low-priced flights so that extended family could come for an impromptu visit. Best way to break up the winter doldrums!
The girls made brownies and we enjoyed an early birthday celebration for a little lady who we never get to actually celebrate in person. We were a few weeks early for her birthday, but judging by her smiles I don't think she minded at all.
Temps were mild and kids spent a lot of time outdoors. 

☑ Playing in the woods
Falling Playing in the creek
☑ Riding bikes and scooters and wagons
☑ Playing basketball
☑ Shooting air soft and BB guns
☑ Running the culdesac in super hero costumes
Old, boring toys are suddenly new and fun when there are cousins to play with! Board games and card games, trains and cars, baby dolls and dress up clothes.

At one point, every baby doll and accessory, along with every play kitchen item Annalyse has were all strewn across her room. "Mom, we're playing orphanage and we're in the middle of rescuing a new baby. Can you please close my door and not interrupt us?"

Okay then.
Popcorn and movies. Giggles and sleeping bags. Being a kid started to look kind of appealing again...
We spent one morning playing laser tag and bowling. Teams were Guys vs Girls and it wasn't really even a competition. Their score was more than eight times our score, but somehow I still overheard Annalyse say several times, "Girls rule and boys drool!"
Look at these five handsome men! Wait, where is the sixth guy? That's right, Grady was in Colorado for work and didn't join the fun until Friday evening. My bro-in-law? Champion to spend a few days with all those crazy kids.
We spent another day exploring the White Water Center. Being a weekday and still winter, the place was empty and the kids had the low ropes obstacle course to themselves. 

No major injuries and everyone had fun. Win!
Five little people, all 10 years and younger. Each with very different personalities. And even though it's long periods of time between visits, friendship picks up, laughter continues, and relationships grow.

It's a precious thing.
Thanks Pennsylvania Peeler Family for coming to visit the North Carolina Peeler Family! We're thankful you came.

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