Friday, December 9, 2016

Turkey Trot and Early Celebrations

On Thanksgiving morning these handsome dudes participated in the Fourth Annual Peeler Boys Turkey Trot. It was sunny and cool, but no frost and wind like previous years. (Thank goodness!)
Our little cheering squad joined the masses and whooped and hollered for our boys as thousands of runners whizzed by.
The good news is that Annalyse wants to run next year so there's a high chance I've (finally) moved on from cheering at the side to participating in the fun. Anyone want to commit to watching Jaxton that morning? Thanks in advance.
Unforunately, this is the best pic I captured at the finish line. Sadness.

And the fancy pics the organizers took cost an arm and a leg so we didn't get any of those either. More sadness.
Sweaty and hardly panting, they captured a medal. As did every other participant, but that's beside the point. To ward off a possible outburst of sobs from Jaxton, Grady was quick to gift his medal to him.

And now, a few weeks later, the kid still wears it He hangs it on his bed post at night and puts it around his neck before his feet hit the ground in the morning.
No actual Thanksgiving dinner pics because, well, because of cooking. But we had a traditional dinner and it was yummy and there were leftovers and all was well in our world.

Because my mom-in-law won't see the kids at Christmas we made a point to have a small celebration early.
Christmas gifts? In November? Needless to say, we didn't have to twist arms and order the kids to the living room to participate.
We love you Nana! And NOT just because you give good gifts. Promise.
And, being on the theme of early celebrations, why not add on two December birthdays as well?
Bonus: more early presents. Downer: Jaxton is convinced he's now three.

Whatever. What difference does a couple of weeks make anyway?
And now, although abrupt, I need to sign off because my oven timer is beeping.

No really. It is.

Chocolate chip cookies need to come out, the fireplaces needs to be flipped on, and family movie night needs to begin.

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