Friday, December 2, 2016

A Morning Walk Together

My mom in law, better known in our family as Nana, came to visit for the long Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was beautiful - sunny and unusually mild. After a big Saturday morning breakfast, we ventured for a long walk around a nearby lake. 
We explored a new trail and enjoyed the easy slopes and twists around the lake. Not to mention, the Fall colors were still quite bright and bold.
During Thanksgiving week, I found myself especially thankful for my family. Thankful for where I live. Thankful for healthy bodies. Thankful for active kids. Thankful for nature's displays of God's glory.
It's a treat to have out-of-town family visit, so we try to make sure and build in time for unique fun as well as time for relaxed togetherness. And I think our Thanksgiving week did that.
Lots of walks and sports together; also lots of board and card games together. Lots of eating and gift opening; also lots of read alouds and movie watching.
Five day weekends are a big tease though. Having Dad home that whole time? Having Nana here that whole time? Putting chores and school work aside that whole time?

We had a serious case of the Monday's when our day switched back to routine!
And as we move from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we're trying to remember to keep an attitude of thankfulness because the greatest Gift already happened. It's uncanny how a spirit of Thanksgiving sets us up for a true appreciation of Christmas. 

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