Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sea World

Our family enjoyed a semi-impromptu week in Florida. By semi-impromptu I mean that Grady had a week of vacation set aside but we had no idea where to go or what to do. Until about 5 days before we left and Grady strolled into the kitchen and said, "How does a couple of days at Disney and a couple days relaxing at a resort sound?"


So, he managed reservation details and I managed packing details and lo-and-behold we were off for a week in the sun. 

First stop was actually Sea World and we had a GREAT day there! Super light crowds and warm and sunny. Everything about it was perfect.

Immediately after walking through the gate was the roller coaster, Manta. With exuberant enthusiasm I told my boys NOW was the perfect time to go because the wait was less that five minutes and would only get longer as the day progressed. My innocent boys, who had no clue what lay ahead of them, agreed to follow me through the aquarium tunnels that led to the ride. 

Once harnessed on, the cars made a 45 degree slant forward and we found ourselves in a "flying" position. Grady Lee wiped a couple of tears but held it together remarkably well, and Micah never opened his eyes until we came to a stop. And, neither boy talked to me for about 15 minutes after the ride was over... total disbelief and shock that I would subject them to such speeds and turns and twists. 
Once everyone regained composure, we meandered our way through the park to enjoy the animals and visit various arenas for exciting shows. 
The dolphin show was our family favorite - so much so that at the end of the day we opted to watch it one more time before leaving.
Grady Lee is now hoping that someday our family can "take a vacation where we swim with the dolphins and play with them." I haven't told him that such places exist because I know I'll never hear the end of "Can we go? Can we go?"
The Shamu show was okay - just not nearly the same thrill to see as years ago when trainers could swim in the tank an interact physically with the whales. BUT, it was still cool to see and Micah, because he always likes to be different from the majority in our family, claims that this was his favorite show. 

Whatever kid.
Lots of animals to see, lots of interactive habitats to explore, lots of other shows to take in. The day really seemed to fly by! And, given that we never waited more than 10 minutes for an attraction we were able to squeeze a lot into our one day there.
Because seriously, how CUTE is Jaxton in these pics? His teeny tiny body under this great big harness? He was so happy he could go on a "big boy" ride with Grady and Micah.
After a full day with lots of walking, we enjoyed an evening swim at our hotel. For some reason night time swims are more fun. Why is that?
Up next: Magic Kingdom!

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