Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Magic Kingdom

Our family ventured through Disney's Magic Kingdom in the simplest of ways. Character meals? Nope. Waiting in line to meet characters? Nope. Reserving Fast Passes? Nope. 
I know, I know - meeting characters is fun for kids and offers darling keepsake photos. 

We never waited in line. We never paid extra money for chicken fingers with Cinderella. We were never bound to a schedule to be somewhere or do something, but instead had freedom to move around as we wanted. 
This isn't ideal for every family, but if you're a-okay with skipping out on characters, I assure you there is so much freedom and cost-savings while still enjoying Disney.

(And, for real, what is Micah doing with his face in this picture?)
The sky was blue, the temp never went above 65, and crowds were super light. One day in Magic Kingdom, from park open to close, was more than enough to lap through a couple of times and visit several rides and attractions multiple times. 

(My accommodating guys agreed to don Mickey apparel for the obligatory family pic in front of the castle. Thank you gentlemen - Mom appreciates it.)
Annalyse and Micah had no interest in Space Mountain (say what?!) so Grady and Grady Lee were the lone riders for that. Splash Mountain remains the family favorite and we rode that three times. And for those that haven't visited Disney yet, with just a few exceptions, Jaxton was able to ride almost everything else with us, which makes for a truly unique family experience. 
Disney parades and fireworks - still above par for anything else I've ever seen. They are just the best of the best!
Everyone knows that visiting Disney is fun. But it's not vacation. It's a trip. A memorable and a special trip, but nonetheless a trip.

Being on your feet from 7am to 10pm, corralling kids through lines, parking and retrieving a stroller (again and again), and maneuvering through people all day does not make for a relaxing day!
Although our day at Magic Kingdom was much different than last time in terms of not visiting with characters, I would do it the same all over again. We really did have a great time!

Finally, if at all possible, visit Disney with a tall person. Seriously. Because Grady is at least a head above most everyone else he is able to easily navigate crowds, choose lines, view options, and make quick decisions, which makes it much easier on a crew of four little people.

Don't know someone tall? Fine - our family is willing to go again and I volunteer Grady to be your guide.

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