Sunday, February 21, 2016

Random Catch-up

Still playing catch-up over here: a few pics and highlights from earlier this winter.

We got snow! The snowstorm that pummeled the Northeast gave us just enough snow to enjoy playing outside, spending time with friends who were off of school for THREE days, and having Daddy around home because his office was closed. In all fairness, there was a sheet of ice over everything so the first day of closings was merited. After that? Not so much.

Jaxton has transitioned to a big boy bed and it really is a big bed. He's now sleeping in my great-grandmother's double bed that I had growing up. His 28 pound self looks so little when he's tucked in, but everyone agrees he has the best bed in the house. And, he's especially happy to have "lots of balls" on his quilt from "gamma."

Jax is anything but quiet and anything but calm. He climbs and throws and jumps and scooters with the neighborhood kids, and is quick to yell for attention or help or to simply demand someone get out of his way. Sigh. I think the neighbors appreciate when nap time rolls around each day and Jax goes inside so the street is quiet.
We joined about 20 other homeschoolers for a field trip to the fire station. This station, however, is the only fire station in all of Charlotte on the water with fire boats and search and rescue equipment. The boys were laser-focused when it came to seeing how equipment worked; Annalyse spent the entire hour and a half holding hands and chatting with her little five year-old bestie; and refer to the above paragraph for a guess on what Jax was up to during the tour. (Hence, I only have a couple pics I snapped with my phone.)
Grady and I took the kids to the circus for their first time and they LOVED it! Our seats were fantastic and the performance was non-stop energy. We all agreed the tight rope artists and the elephants were the highlight of the show, although Micah has mentioned on more than one occasion that he wants to figure out how to "do tricks on my bike like the guys at the circus because they get paid to just ride ramps and do flips all day." I anticipate a broken bone or two in the meantime.
A few weeks back the kids reached their 100th day of school and so we invited some friends over for an afternoon of fun centered around 100. It's great to know what we can arrange an afternoon of games and snacks for 12 kids and call it school!
I am so thankful for the moms who I walk this homeschooling journey with - their encouragement means the world and my kids have some really special friendships. 
And, speaking of friends and fun, we spent another afternoon with friends for a Valentine's party, which was proceeded by a morning at a birthday party (and yes, I counted it all as school).

Because of the whirlwind month we didn't have time to make creative Valentines, but ohmygoodness, did my kids still have fun choosing which card would go to which friend.
The boys finished their basketball season this month (yay for open Saturday mornigs again!) and wasted no time in beginning to practice for baseball this spring.  Annalyse is also signed up to play soccer and is the proud owner of "cleats with pink laces and pink spiky things on the bottom." I have no sway one way or the other yet on if she'll engage and play or if she'll prance in the grass and pick flowers. Bless her coach.
Now? February is almost over. But not until a family vacation is in the book sand not until Grady and I celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss. More on that soon...


  1. It is so easy to have fun when you are a kid! I miss the childhood:(

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