Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hollywood Studios

We spent the final day of our last-minute Florida getaway at Hollywood Studios. 

Such. A. Great. Day. 

Maybe, just maybe, even more fun that our previous day at Magic Kingdom. 
The stunt shows: incredible! The theater shows: delightful! The weather: perfect! The crowds: light!
We arrived when the park opened and stayed until fireworks that evening. A full day, but a relaxing day, because so much of it was spent sitting and watching performances.
The highlight of the day, hands down, was Star Wars Jedi Training for Grady Lee, Micah, and Annalyse.
Annalyse was nervous and hesitant at first (actually, in tears) but gained her confidence and in no time was marching with everyone else and getting ready to fight Darth Vader. Jaxton was asleep during the entire Jedi parade, training, and fight, so Grady and I could use that hour to relax hands free!
When the kids were asked if they were willing to fight Darth Vader, Micah's hand was the first to fly up so he led the group in a light saber face off.
Grady followed close behind and took this VERY serious. Eyes focused. Proper form. Biting his lower lip. Swinging with gusto. He was all in.
Annalyse had a quivery lip when she stepped up to fight, but after her first swing she smiled and giggled the whole time. I never knew fighting Darth Vader was a laughing matter, but apparently he has a few jokes up his sleeve when battling.
What was your favorite art of our day at Hollywood Studios?

Grady Lee: "The Indiana Jones stunt show. Or the Stars Wars experience. Or going to Jedi training."

Micah: "Becoming a Jedi and watching the light and water show at night. And, the Frozen songs were really good too."

Annalyse: "Watching Beauty & the Beast and also singing with Anna and Elsa."

And, for Grady and I, we agree that watching the Beauty & the Beast performance as well as the Frozen singalong was the best.
In between our three (very full) days in the parks, we spent a couple of days relaxing at our resort.

Swimming in the pools, playing mini golf and shuffleboard, riding boats, petting alligators (!!), and just enjoying the fact we were away from home.

Do I want to live in Florida? Not so much. Did we have a great visit to Florida? Absolutely.

Is Disney a relaxing vacation? Not so much. Is Disney a fun trip? Absolutely!

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