Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Family Getaway

This motley crew, otherwise known as family, met in Williamsburg, VA for a couple days of spring break fun.
My sis in law and I have March birthdays that are three days apart (and, bonus fun fact, our names are both Sarah Peeler!). 

Our thoughtful mom in law had a surprise birthday party for us, complete with obnoxious noise makers for the kids... because all things loud and annoying are permissible when Nana is around if, in fact, they produce memory making experiences.
Five cousins, all ages nine and under, played and laughed and ran and wrestled and danced and talked and acted as if they'd never been apart for almost a year. Our side-by-side hotel suites allowed us to open doors and gave everyone the freedom to move from place to place without over-crowding each other.
With beautiful spring weather, all her grand kids in one place, and Easter just around the corner, Nana could not forgo an opportunity for a giant egg hunt!

With 300 eggs filled with pennies and nickels and dimes tossed all over, the kids had so much fun hunting for eggs and filling their baskets. And then filling their baskets again!
After kids counted and organized their findings, we enjoyed a round of mini golf and a picnic lunch. Thank you Jesus for the gift of nice weather to be outside. During the drive there we had rainy snow and temps in the low 40's... a far cry from spring break weather.
Kids and their loot... thank you Nana for filling piggy banks rather than sugary treats that no one needs!
Three pretty ladies and two handsome little men. The big boys? Who knows... wrestling off to the side? Counting and recounting their coins? Scouring the grass to be certain no egg was forgotten?

I'm fairly certain Nana's heart was about to burst. All her grand kids together! And, I'm fairly certain this picture will debut on a Christmas card or be displayed by her computer at work.
Family spring break 2016 was fun, was full, and was memorable. (Aanndd, no one got sick, which seems to always happen.)

During our visit to Williamsburg, we spent time touring Jamestown and Yorktown, but that deserves a post of its own because there are way too many pictures to organize. Coming soon...

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  1. Love, love, love these pictures and seeing the memories we made in a few short days together! So much fun...we hope to do it again!