Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Family That Plays Together Stays Together

Our family likes to play.

Board games. Sports. In the woods. In the water. 

And, we like to play together

Hopefully this sentiment stays as my kids age and discover different ideas about what is and isn't "cool." 
Grady had a day off last week and our plans for apple-picking were deterred because of a gloomy weather forecast in the mountains, so we opted for a morning at the park and a picnic lunch.
No, not nearly as adventurous as a day in the mountains running through an apple orchard. But yes, just as much fun because we laughed and played and competed and enjoyed a no-agenda day together.
Although playgrounds are usually intended for kids, Grady and I had no qualms about showing our kids a thing or two from our old-school days at recess. Forty yard dashes? Cherry drops? We had it covered.
We may or may not have caught the attention from the more subdued parents who sat on benches and watched while their kids played. Or from the family visiting from France who probably wondered if all Americans were as ridiculous as we were. Or from the super buff dude doing a hundred and one push-ups off to the side as he prepped for a hundred and one pull-ups on a bar nearby.
Whatever. We were having fun.

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