Monday, November 16, 2015

Catching Up

November is is half over, which means my favorite season is almost through. Autumn, you've been good to me. I welcome you each year and wish you'd stay longer! 

With a full calendar of activities and a rotating door of visitors, we've still made time to enjoy the season and to relax in the simple moments. Here are a few glimpses into what we've been up to...

Reading together and watching movies together. A big brother and a fuzzy blanket make it especially enjoyable!
Taking an art class in the park. Painting and playing outside with friends is hard to beat.
Taking walks in the woods and by the lake. Smiling for the obligatory sibling group picture doesn't qualify as fun, but they oblige anyway.
Getting muddy and getting wet. Apparently playing outside is synonymous with "change outfits several times a day."

Exploring and conquering new things. If his big brothers can do it, you better be sure this little guy will give it a try too.
Spending a weekend with Nana. A very short, but very sweet time together!
Getting his first "real" haircut... and working together to make many (many, many) loaves of pumpkin bread. 
Wrapping up a season of baseball. Because of several rain outs, we simply crossed fingers that the season would end before Christmas.
With school cruising by, the holidays quickly coming, and some travel on the horizon, I'm happy for the quiet moments this month. Some days they seem few and far between, but when they come, I'm grateful.

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