Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pumpkins and Trick-or-Treat

Ladies and Gentlemen: our family has arrived. 

We have successfully completed a crucial fall-time tradition with no major damages or injuries to report. 

Drum roll please.
My kids, all by themselves, are now able to cut, gut, and carve their own pumpkins! (Until next year when Jaxton begins to participate. But still. That means only one kid needs help and the other three are self-sufficient. Win.)
This lovely display was the proud accomplishment of my youngins' wielding knives and other plastic tools to cut and scrape their handpicked pumpkins. And they sat proudly on our porch until the rain finally destroyed them, which was oh-so-sad for them and hip-hip-hooray for me.
With pumpkins carved, it was time to think about trick-or-treat.
Grady Lee and Micah have recently watched all six of the Star Wars movies with their dad and were hands-down excited about being a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader. Minus the light sabers, I suggested, because it would complicate ringing doorbells and holding candy buckets and running up and down driveways.
For Annalyse there was no discussion or thought: "Obviously I'm going to be Elsa. What else would I be?" Pfsh, obviously.
And little man Jax was a monkey because that's what Micah was at one time and that's what I already had in the hand-me-down box.
The best part of our trick-or-treat night? Besides the balmy 60 degrees. And besides kids who demonstrated great manners and self-control (see, there is a first for everything), was that Nana was here visiting and was able to enjoy the evening with us!
We now have buckets of candy to organize, trade, and consume (and throw away!), which is perfect because this will no sooner deplete and Thanksgiving will arrive with a new assortment of treats and goodies.
Which is then followed by TWO December birthdays and Christmas. Oh the sugar-coated calories that await.

Man, January is a real sugar letdown.

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