Sunday, October 25, 2015

Field Trip: Bank of America Stadium

My boys love football. All four of them. While Grady, Grady Lee, and Micah quote team stats and throw around player names and facts as though they are pals, Jax can be found holding a ball and yelling "Hut! Hut!" 
And because tickets to our local team cost more than is feasible for a family of six to regularly see, my boys have only been to one NFL game. A rough life, I know.

(Side note: my boys can explain the "supply and demand concept" and how that affects price points really well!)
Since they won't see any games in person this season, Grady and I thought that touring the stadium where our Carolina team plays might be the next best thing. They could TOUCH the field where our team plays. They could WALK the locker room halls where our team plays. They could RIDE the elevators where our team plays. That's kind of the same as watching a game, right? 
I know. Not at all.

But we still decided to tour the stadium and we had a great time! We learned a lot of behind-the-scenes facts about the team owner, the stadium, the players, and the press.
If you're local and love football, take time for this fun tour!

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