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Blogging has taken a back seat - a back seat on the BUS. Taking time to share stories and pictures of family life, while fun and important for far-away family, has seriously lagged for the last couple of months. Too many other things happening that make 20 minutes in front of the computer hard to come by.


Thanksgiving came and went and we're well into Christmas-related fun. But, before the year is about to close with two more birthdays and Christmas, I thought I should share some Thanksgiving highlights.

My parents spent four days with us and it.was.wonderful! I'm so thankful they are willing to make the long drive to come visit. It was a full visit, but that didn't mean there wasn't time for simple moments with my kids. Simple moments that are special moments because time with grandpa and grandma is limited.
It was a team effort prepping for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Pies to bake, casseroles to assemble, and a turkey to prepare. My mom and I are pretty good kitchen bosses directors, if I do say so myself.
The day before Thanksgiving we had an early birthday celebration - my mom has a November birthday, Jaxton and Micah have December birthdays, and my dad has an early January birthday. And besides, who says no to early presents and cake?
Continuing with second birthday tradition, my mom made a quilt for Jaxton and his big boy bed. Although it's not an exciting gift when you're two, Jaxton was happy to see baseballs all over it! And since he also got his own Nerf gun everything was well in his little world.
Micah will be eight in a couple of weeks and was thrilled with his Patriots shirt. I might have to hide it next time I do laundry because I'm tired of seeing it on him all the time. I'm trying to convince him he should rotate shirts or else it will fade and shrink from wearing and washing so often, but he's not buying my logic.
The birthday bunch! Goodness, I sure do love each of them. Different kinds of love for different people who mean different things to mean and impact my life in different ways. They are each such treasures.
Thanksgiving morning we gathered with the crowds for the Turkey Trot. This is the third year Grady and Grady Lee have run, but Micah's first year to join in.
With a short two weeks of prep time beforehand, my boys pounded the pavement hard and finished well. I'm told they only took one short 30 second walk during the race and that they kept pace well. I will say, when they ran by to cross the finish, Grady and Grady Lee were smiling and waving and Micah looked like he hated life. I could have predicted that outcome.
My handsome runners... and their cheering squad!
After the Turkey Trot it was football, board games, and FOOD. So much good food and conversation talking about what we're thankful for. Mostly? Thankful for family being together!
While many people power shopped on Black Friday, we stayed home and enjoyed a walk in the woods by the lake, decorating our Christmas tree, and having an early Christmas gift exchange.
The weather was beautiful for being outside, but being 70 degrees it wasn't too Christmas-like. Nothing that a lit tree and Christmas music couldn't change!
Piles of gifts, a table loaded with appetizers, and an evening with a Christmas movie - it was for sure a very Merry Christmas, even it it was a month early.
Hey dad and mom? Thanks for coming. Thanks for your gifts. Thanks for your patience. Thanks mostly for your love!

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