Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Days

This has been a year of road trips. Every month has had our family packing suitcases, loading up the van, and heading out of state on a new adventure. The trend continues until November and December when nothing is planned. But, for the sake of keeping the travelling momentum going, I'm thinking of whispering sweet nothings into Grady's ear to see if we can swing something. 
In addition to visiting family and exploring new places, my kids have enjoyed the regular ole dog days of summer. Day camps and VBS - check. Swimming pools, sprinklers, and slip-n-slides - check. Free kids movies, discounted bowling, and BOGO mini golf - check. Hours of playing with friends, boxes of popsicles consumed, and much later bedtimes - check.
And, yes, cartoons, XBox, and apps. Because summer break is, after all, a break from the normal and sometimes 90 degree days call for screen time.
But you know what? The familiar routine of school begins soon and I can't wait! Deep down, I think my kids are ready too. My dining room table is covered in small stacks of new books and materials for the year... now to find empty time to organize lessons and decide where to stash everything. I've even calendared out a few field trips and outside classes to help keep things interesting through the fall. How's that for ambitious?
While summer is my least favorite time of the year, I will admit that this summer has actually been okay. Maybe better than okay - maybe even good.
Good because of visits with family. Good because of new church family friendships. Good because of wonderful neighbors. Good because... well, just because.

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