Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jaxton Isaac: 18 Months

My little tornado is a year and a half old!

Little because he weighs in at a meager 21 pounds and lands in the 3rd percentile.

Tornado because he can do major damage in mere seconds. Not an exaggeration.
Jax, you are nonstop movement. Always running, kicking, throwing, dumping, piling, ripping, tasting, pulling, opening, closing... phew! I know the toddler years are busy, but goodness you bring it to a whole new level for me. 
Hands down your favorite toy is a ball - any kind of ball. You can hold a football and shout "hut-hut!" like a pro. You can square up behind a soccer ball and give it a solid running kick. You can hold a baseball and toss a pretty good overhand. You can bounce a basketball and then hold it and stare up at the hoop almost as if you are are willing the ball to jump out of your hands and fly up into the hoop.
You've started to show interest in books - but only on your terms. Depends if you want to sit on my lap or next to me. Depends on what book is available. Depends on if you can turn the pages or not. Stubborn much? I think so.
Over the past couple of months,your bottom incisors came and your bottom molars started coming through; you figured out how to use a fork and spoon; and you learned several animal sounds and a handful of words. You've also given your best attempt at applying lip gloss and mascara, and discovered the fun of flushing random objects down the toilet.
You seem to be a bit shy in new surroundings at first, but in a few shot minutes you are playing and smiling and willing to go to whomever will give you attention. I love your eager personality.Eager to play and engage and explore.
A year and a half went quick, buddy. In some ways it went too quick. I sure do love you and treasure you!

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