Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Family Reunion 2015

Question: What happens when numerous family members from Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina descend upon Ridgecrest Conference Center
Answer: The surrounding hills echo with the noise, laughter, mishaps, and fun of 42 people trying to catch up on life from the past two years.
Every two years the White Family gathers for an extended weekend of family fun time. Scavenger hunts, bonfires with s'mores, kickball and volleyball, nature hikes, table games... and simple rocking chair chats while kids run free in the woods.
Cousins pick up instantly, as though they've played together regularly since the last time they saw each other two years ago. Aunts go into "love the littles" mode and are more than eager to watch and care for the little people toddling around. It's wonderful.
A lot of driving for some. A lot of dirty laundry for all.

Some frustrations for some (throw ups and bee stings!). Some moments of relaxation for all.

Plenty of hiking and activity for some. Plenty of junk food for all. (Unless Skittles count as fruit salad?)
Our fingers are crossed for all of the family to gather in 2017, including an anticipated little bundle of pink and bows!

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