Friday, July 3, 2015

Pure Michigan

No salt water. No jellyfish. No sharks. 

Just a huge body of fresh water with pristine beaches and amazing dunes. 

I love me some Lake Michigan and am happy to see and feel it each time I make it back home. (I haven't lived there in 18 years, but it's still home to me.)
Initially we planned to spend the afternoon climbing dunes and enjoying the lake without actually swimming. With an air temp in the low 70's and a water temp in the low 50's, getting wet didn't sound appealing. 
But, in typical macho show-off fashion, my brothers were diving into the water and swimming before the rest of us even had our shoes off.
So, my mom blew caution to the wind and dove in as well - wearing her capris and tshirt! My husband and kids soon followed and were swimming in the icy water too.
Me? Obviously someone had to stay back and take pictures. And yell out dares to everyone actually in the water even though I was dry on the side and even unwilling to get paid to get wet.

"It's refreshing!" my mom yelled to the shore. Refreshing? I can't be refreshed unless I'm actually hot. Call me a party-pooper wimp. But at least I wasn't cold.
Annalyse wasn't a fan of climbing and jumping on the dunes, but my boys loved it! Jax included. He'd laugh and laugh and ask for more each time Grady jumped with him.
An impromptu day at the lake ended up being the highlight for my family during our entire week there!

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  1. Beautiful! Glad you had a good time! Now I see why Jockey's Ridge in OBX reminded you of your childhood days on the Lake Michigan dunes!