Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Long Drive... A Great Visit

Last week we packed up and ventured off for Road Trip #4 of the year. We've totally got the packing and loading drill down.

But this time the trip was a lot longer than the others. Long because 14 hours really feels like 114 hours when travelling with kids. If I close my eyes and think about it, I can still feel the seat belt on me, hear Jax screaming behind me, and taste the Skittles I downed as sugary comfort during the battle drive.
But this time it was comfy riding. Comfy because we have a new van. A fancy kind with rear air vents and personal lights that my kids think are the coolest and that I'm always reminding them to turn off before they get out of the car.
But this time it was to see far away family. Far away family that made the dreaded drive worth it because hugs and laughs and memories with precious people are always worth it.
Our week in Michigan was low-key, with plenty of time to enjoy cousins and grandparents. Temps in the mid-70's made it that much better. Who knew that our summer trip to Michigan would feel like a spring break trip?
A high school open house for a cousin; a belated birthday for a nephew; dinners with great-grandparents; nerf wars in the dark; enie-inie-over in the yard (you've played before, no?); days trips to the zoo and the lake... plenty to do with people we treasure.
My parents rearranged their home to accommodate our brood.

The three older kids had beds set up in the basement, which was wonderful. After night number three, however, Annalyse mentioned that she wanted to go home to her own bed because she was "tired of sleeping with the mooses." Mooses? Ah, the mounted bucks on the wall above you.

My dad gave up his office so we could stash Jax and his pack-n-play in there. You know my dad? I know... he gave up his office!

And my parents slept in the guest room so that Grady and I could sleep in their bed because "our bed is a queen and the guest bed is a double and there's no way Grady and you can fit in a double and I don't want my son in law uncomfortable so that he has reasons why he doesn't want to visit."

Selfless love I tell you.
Tear-filled goodbyes and several rounds of hugs. The next visit is always an unknown, and with kids so much changes in such a short amount of time.

Rumor has it, though, that we may be roadtripping to NYC yet this summer and that Grandpa and Grandma may meet us there. Another long drive for another great visit awaits!

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