Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simple, Full, and Fun

Long weekends are the best. THE BEST. This past Memorial Day weekend was no exception.
Friday was full of playing and lunching with friends... followed by Daddy coming home after a week away... followed by heading to the park to play that evening. 

Simple fun.
Saturday was full of yard and house projects... followed by an all-American meal on the grill, including patriotic Jell-o (there is such a thing) and apple pie... followed by a couple hours tubing on the lake with neighborhood friends.

Simple fun.
Sunday was full of worship and teaching... followed by lunch with new friends... followed by packing bags for a last-minute beach trip... followed by the NBA playoffs and more apple pie.

Simple fun.
And Monday and Tuesday were full of fun in the sun, sand, and surf... followed by rosy cheeks and pink shoulders... followed by sand everywhere. (More on that later.)
Family, friends, worship, abundance, comforts... because of freedom. Freedom that wasn't simple to achieve and isn't simple to preserve. 

Thank you, God, for my freedom as an American and my ultimate freedom as your daughter.

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