Saturday, May 16, 2015

Nature Field Day

I may have mentioned a time or two - or twenty - that I really like where we live. Part of that involves having Lake Wylie mere minutes from our house. One of Charlotte's larger nature preserves happens to be close to home, on the lake, and offer numerous homeschooling programs. So, you guessed it, we spend a lot of time there.
This past week my boys joined 30 other home school kids for a field day of sorts. An hour fishing, and hour kayaking, an hour taking a nature hike, and an hour roasting hot dogs and playing games. It was a great day making new friends, being outside, and getting to call it an official school day.
My boys were disappointed no one in their group caught any fish, but there were pretty excited to see several herons swoop down to catch fish, and a mamma goose swim in front of the dock with her string of goslings in tow. And Annalyse was sure to let everyone know she discovered "some very big turtles taking a nap on a log." We were told about a fox den with two new kits, but stare as we may, we never caught sight of them.
And while all of this sounds delightful and fun, there were plenty of gaaaah! moments, too. Discipline issues. Taste tests with sand and pine cones. Bossy wannabe mommy. Spilled lunch plate. It all comes with the territory!
Our school year is technically over and we've started summer break. Other than practice math drills and some language exercises, my boys have low-key days ahead of them. No doubt this means lots of playtime at the lake!

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