Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Impromptu Getaway

True story.

Grady: "You wanna go to the beach?"

Me: "Not really since it's Memorial Day and it'll be busy."

Grady: "No, no. Not for the day. Let's spend the night and stay until Tuesday so we miss the crowds and get two full days of sun."

Me: "YES!!"
This decision? Sunday late afternoon... before leaving the next morning. I love that my husband is up for family adventures. And I love that having four kids doesn't stop his creative fun.
Thanks to his collection of Marriott hotel points, we stayed at a fantastic resort with more swimming pools than I can remember and with more space in our suite than the two apartments we lived in when we were first married.
The ocean was 76 degrees, which was plenty warm for my kids, but unfortunately, the waves were unusually small so they didn't have a lot of opportunities to board.
From the moment his toes hit the sand, Jaxton made a beeline to the water. He was knocked over several times and swallowed lots of salt water, but each time came up with a smile and was determined to stay out there. He was to watch. All the open space his little body needed to run and kick and throw and dig.
Despite having a 17-month running around, this was actually a relaxing beach visit. Its true: I just used relaxing and 17-month old in the same sentence. Playing football, collecting shells, digging holes, jumping in the waves... the hours passed quickly, and with hardly a request for a snack, which is the tell-tale sign of a good time.
I asked the kids what their favorite thing about going to the beach was...

Grady Lee: "Playing football on the beach."

Micah: "Being able to swim in the ocean and in the pool on the same day."

Annalyse: "I was brave this time and went far out in the waves with Daddy and had fun."
Our beach getaway was short but full. Quick but memorable. Impromptu but organized. I'm thankful for good weather, for hotel points, for close proximity to the shore, for kids who play hard, and for a husband who loves his family.
So, to Summer 2015: You gave us a great intro. Let's see what the rest of your hot, humid months have!

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