Monday, February 9, 2015

Away With My Man

A week away. In the sun. With a constant breeze.  With several pools and beaches. And of course, amazing food. 

Alone with my best friend. Just us. Together. 

What'd we do? Nothin' much. Unless you consider relaxing doing something.

We enjoyed our view and wonderful resort. 
 We ate outside by the water every day. For every meal.
We rented a UTV for an off-roading adventure. Funnest time ever!
We took long walks on the beach. Without needing to carry kids or remind them not to kick sand.
 We relished amazing sunsets. Each night, right in front of our resort.
We walked the rocky shoreline. Mesmerized by the power of the waves and the beauty of God's creation.
We took long walks to discover new places and things: a lighthouse, private beaches, quiet neighborhoods, interesting plants and animals.
 We read and talked and napped and people-watched. With no agenda. And no timetable.  
 And we decided that being away, together, is more than just really fun. It's really important.

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  1. So fun! Joshua and I are hoping to do something like that for our 5th anniversary in November. Happy for yall!