Friday, January 30, 2015

100 Days

A couple of weeks ago we hit the milestone: 100 days of government-required, check-in-the-box days of school. And my kids know, when the 100th day rolls around it means, for the most part, a day of games.
O"fish"ally 100 Days of School... Micah thought the play on words was funny, Annalyse thought painting and gluing and counting to her heart's delight was the best thing ever, and Grady Lee was concerned about wasting food by gluing it onto poster board rather than eating it.
Our morning was full of several Minute-To-Win-It type of games, all centered, of course, on the theme of 100. How many times can you run around a chair, sit on it, stand up, and run around it again in 100 seconds? One lap around the chair necessitated everyone taking socks off - lesson learned!
How many nickels can you stack in 100 seconds? How many times can you dribble a basketball in 100 seconds? How many words can you spell from the letters "ONE HUNDRED"? How high can you count in 100 seconds? How many one-legged hops can you do in 100 seconds? And the list of simple, move and be silly, games continued.
And snack time... let's not forget snack time. The single most important part of celebrating 100 days, if you ask my kids. Every year they ask for the same buffet of snack options where they have to count 10 items from 10 different bowls. Raisins, chocolate chips, popcorn, Goldfish crackers, marshmallows, peanuts... you get the idea. 
Our state requires 180 days of "official" school and we're on the home stretch. Come early May and we'll be ready to celebrate the end of the school year.
And that means I'll have a 4th grader, 3rd grader, and kindergartner.


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