Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Year's Visit

When Christmas Round #2 ended with my parents leaving, sad faces turned to happy faces when we remembered Grady's mom was coming. More birthday and Christmas fun for my kids... and more undivided attention from an always-ready-to-play Nana.
Nana came bearing gifts and my kids were delighted with all she generously gave them. Although, if I'm honest, Jax doesn't play with his new toys nearly as much as his older sister does. It's possible she may actually enjoy them more.
Because visits with Nana are few and far between, time with her means being intentional. Intentional to let her enjoy some of the regular things in our life that she only gets to hear about, like watching the boys play basketball. (And, as an added bonus, both boys scored a couple of shots during the games she was able to see!)
It also means intentional to plan a couple of fun or special activities so give everyone a chance to enjoy doing something together, like dinner out or a hike in the woods or celebrating birthdays. Yes, the first week of January and we were still celebrating birthdays.
During Nana's visit we closed out Jaxton and Micah last round of Happy Birthday and candle blowing for the year. In fact, I asked Micah if he could pretty please choose a birthday dessert that wasn't cake and ice cream... four birthday parties later and I had more than my fill.
We're thankful the weather cooperated for an easy drive here and back home for her, and that we enjoyed a couple of days outside playing.
A fun walk from our backyard to nearby Lake Wylie, riding bikes around the neighborhood... all part of the being intentional while enjoying everyday kind of things.
For some reason, when Nana comes to visit Annalyse goes into "cling-to-Nana-and-insist-that-she-plays-with-me-every-second-of-her-time-here" mode. And, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Nana obliges. "I only get to enjoy her a few times a year," she says.
It's a gift, really, to have parents and grandparents who love my family enough to sacrifice for us time and time again. Generous with their time and energy and gifts. Generous with their love and patience and prayers. 
We sure do love you, Nana. Thanks for welcoming in the New Year with us. We look forward to our next planned visit this spring...!

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