Saturday, October 18, 2014


We're here.

Fully enjoying the fall weather, out and about playing, keeping up with school, and enjoying time with family and friends. I wish I could grab your attention with something fascinating or exciting. 

How about...
We're... moving! Except that we're not,

We're... expecting! Nope, definitely not.
We're... going abroad! Not happening anytime soon.

We're... getting a puppy! Mercy, no.
Sorry, nothing to drop your jaw or make you let out a woo-hoo. Instead, we're... we're just here.
Last weekend our family enjoyed a weekend away in the mountains. This weekend my mom-in-law is here visiting. Yesterday Grady and the boys enjoyed a night away camping. And, with only two weeks left in October, I'm trying to figure out how to make time stand still so we can continue to fully enjoy the fall.
My kids are outside seemingly all day, and my windows are open, and the leaves are turning colors, and the sky is blue, and the acorns patter when they land on the back deck, and I am fully content with the simple beauties of this time of year.
And so, with nothing exciting to share, just know that we're here. Fully here and fully enjoying being here.

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