Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jaxton Isaac: Ten Months

Jax, you are too stinking cute for your own good. You reach for a plant and flash a smile. You tug on the electrical cord and giggle. You drop carrots on the floor and look to see who is watching. Most days your sweet face allows me to overlook your persistent curiosity. Most days.
You're also the fourth child so I've given you a lot more freedom than your older siblings. And, at the ripe old age of 10 months I think you already know that and are working to take advantage of it!
Right now, it's okay though. Your older brothers are helping you grow up fast by, ahem, wrestling with you already. And they sure are impatient for you to catch and throw a ball. Your sister is your second mommy and has asked how much longer before she can babysit you. Don't worry, I've told her she needs to be at least five years old, which gives you another year to toughen up and learn how to fend for yourself.
You are starting to walk fairly well while holding on to someone's fingers. I hope your toddling days are still a ways off, but unfortunately I don't think they are.  Now that it's getting colder, I've put shoes on you a few times and they seem to make you mad. I guess you'll be pushing your walking toy down the sidewalk in just socks. This is further proof that you are the fourth child...!
You really like to eat, though your slender frame doesn't show it. You seem to like most anything and if your highchair tray is empty for a nanosecond, you let out a screech to remind the whole house know you are patiently waiting for seconds. 
You're still a fantastic sleeper - 12 hours at night with a two hour morning nap and a two hour afternoon nap. Granted, you are sleepinginacloset so that might help. I figure that if I say it really fast I won't feel so guilty about your lack of a darling bedroom with cutesy things all around. An additional two teeth on top poked through so that made for a few nights of interrupted sleep, but that's an exception and not a norm.
This month you visited a farm, spent a weekend in the mountains, enjoyed a weekend visit with Nana, and experienced the thrill of the playground slide by yourself. Always with eyes wide open taking everything in, And always with an all-consuming smile showing your delight in life. 
Jax, 10 months happened really fast. Really, really fast. And in 10 months I've fallen in love all over again. Really, really deep in love. Your my handsome buddy and I treasure the reality of being your mom.

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