Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nana's Visit

My mom-in-law spent last weekend visiting our family. She makes the long drive to come and play with our four crazy kids - and let me tell you, she is all in when she comes to play! 

Football and basketball with the boys, and wagon rides and slides at the playground with the younger ones. She doesn't come to relax, that's for sure. Dress up and baby dolls and reading books and playing games and traipsing around the neighborhood... it's all in an afternoon's work for Nana.
The other day Annalyse informed me that she is "going to marry Jaxton and then live with Nana so that she isn't alone when she gets really, really old." I smiled and confirmed that we do, indeed, have a special Nana but that if she moved to New Jersey then Daddy and I would be far away from her. Without missing a beat she replied: "Well, you're just going to have to save your money so you can fly to visit me and Nana."
Nana saw the boys play basketball and Annalyse twirl in ballet class; she treated our family to a wonderful dinner out at Qdoba; she brought an enormous collection of Grady's old baseball cards for my boys to enjoy; she had gifts for a belated birthday party for Annalyse; and she held and played with and changed and fed and pretty much cared for Jax all weekend. 
Mom/Nana, thanks for giving your time to drive so far and stay for so little. We love you and appreciate you!

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