Monday, October 27, 2014

Mountain Getaway

Three days away in the mountains. The beginning display of autumn colors. A list of waterfalls and mountain views to explore. Gracious friends loaning their mountain home to our family. We were looking forward to a fantastic time away!

As we turned into the drive leading to the home where we were staying, a fallen tree lay across the road. Thank goodness for my three mighty men and one if-my-brothers-can-do-it-so-can-I little girl who managed to clear the path and have us on our way in no time.
The weather all weekend was a downer for most of what we hoped to do outside, but we made the most of things despite the rain. The mountain home had a Foosball table, pool table, and shelves of board games and movies to watch. So, despite having more time indoors instead of outdoors like we planned on, it was still a wonderful time away to relax in new and very comfortable surroundings.
In between rain showers we enjoyed some nearby walks in the woods. Because when every stick is a gun, and when partially fallen trees are opportunities for pull up contests, and when finding the next trail marker is a race, and when pretending to be Laura Ingalls in the Big Woods, even short walks in the woods are a lot of fun.
I'm thankful for the time away with my family. For the time to be outside. For the time to enjoy the fall. For the time to drink coffee and read books and hear no sound other than rain falling. For the time to learn new board games together. For the time to delight in the willing generosity of others.
This Northern girl is a happy Southern transplant and thankful for our home here.  For the opportunities and experiences and places and people in our area. For the beauty and convenience and climate and sights in our state.
Three days away in the mountains. A not-as-planned but fantastic-nonetheless time together.

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