Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day in Cape May, NJ

During our recent visit with extended family in New Jersey, we enjoyed a day at the shore in Cape May. Hands down, this was our favorite day! We had a great time playing on the sand and in the water, enjoying time with family, eating lots of ice cream, and exploring some shops after a wonderful pizza dinner. A full day, for sure. 
The weather was perfect - not a cloud in the sky, light breeze, and a high temp of 81 degrees. Beautiful! The water was chilly, but not bad once we were in. Unfortunately, the waves were very small and the boogie boards weren't much use, but on the upside, the kids could play in the water and explore without getting hammered.
This was the first time for Jax to explore the sandy beach and touch the ocean waves. When I lowered his little body to the ground, he was eager to crawl and touch and taste. Yes, taste. Try as we may, fistfuls of sand went in. He wasn't phased by the funny feel of sand and was surprisingly content to play and explore all day with only a quick 20 minute nap at some point that day.
At first, my kids had fun collecting mussels into buckets, until they realized they were everywhere and no big deal. Then, it became a search for unopened shells with mussels still inside.

My boys stayed busy for the longest time digging a hole and trying to reinforce it with an outer wall that would "keep the tide from coming in and collapsing the hole." Nice try boys, nice try.
Thanks, Mom/Nana, for planning a fun day at the shore! It was just enough to get my boys asking c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y when "we can go back to the beach and stay for more than only a day?"

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