Sunday, September 7, 2014

That Thing We Do

We spent a couple of days this week doing what we do best: playing outside, getting dirty, splashing in the creek, catching critters, and breathing fresh air. Homeschool recess? PE? Science? Who knows. I just know we do this a lot and I'm thankful for a beautiful nature preserve a couple miles from home.
Butterflies, minnows, daddy long-legs, silk worms - clutched in muddy fingers or swept into small nets. A heron, an owl, and a copperhead - very close to Micah's feet - all observed with quiet wonder.
Some days I'm frustrated with our small backyard - our literal backyard behind our house. It's not ideal for four young kids and doesn't provide much space for active play. We go back and forth with talk of possibly moving, but a big part of me gets nervous that we'll trade up for a bigger backyard but lose the closeness of the lake, nature preserve, and hiking trails that are mere minutes from home.
Some of our best times of learning, playing, and laughing happen while we're outside. There is room for everyone. There is freedom to be loud. There is space to move. It seems our guards go down, our attitudes soften, and our curiosity heightens.

Being outside together - that thing we do best.

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