Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visit to New Jersey

A couple of weeks ago we packed the van and headed north for a visit with extended family in New Jersey. It had been months since our last visit, and really, I say "months" because that sounds nicer than saying "a year and a half" since our last visit. Sigh. 
Like always, the older three rode the almost 10-hours wonderfully because road trips mean hours of movies and snacks. Jax, on the other had, continued to remind all of us for his distaste of riding in the car. Poor kid. He's the type who doesn't sleep unless it's in his bed and on his tummy. Ten hours is a long time to cry it out and not sleep. A long time for him and a long time for anyone in earshot of him.
We enjoyed three and a half days of seeing lots of family and enjoying time at the beach, kayaking at the lake, and playing games and eating together. Eating - always lots of eating. It was fun to introduce Jax to so many people who have loved him without ever meeting him, and it was wonderful to reconnect with aunts, uncles, and cousins. 
My mom-in-law did all she could to accommodate our family - she rearranged beds to make sure all six of us were comfortable and she willingly took up the sleeper sofa for the weekend. A mom's love for her kids never stops, does it? She baked her amazing apple pie and delicious brownies. She painstakingly assembled and baked Chilean empanadas. (I did mention lots of eating, didn't I?)
And, because my mom-in-law was busy serving and attending to details all weekend, I snapped only a couple of pictures of her with my kids. Or maybe it was because I was busy talking and catching up with family and didn't have my camera on hand as often as usual. Probably the latter and a mistake on my part, I'm sure. But, I'm thankful she took dozens of her own pics to compensate for my lack. 
A big thank you to my mom-in-law, in particular, for loving and serving us so graciously. Also, a big thank you to all the extended family who were able to join us throughout the weekend. We're thankful for the chance to see you and look forward to seeing you all next summer for a full-blown, all-out family reunion!

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