Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Past Few Weeks

Enjoying Nature Camp, Sports Camp, Soccer Camp, VBS.

Swimming at the pool, hanging out with friends, splashing in the backyard creek.

Buying curriculum, organizing bookshelves, arranging school supplies.

Chasing a crawler, pretending with a preschooler, playing "Horse" and "Around the World" with two elementary boys.

Preparing for a visit from Grandma, a late-summer beach trip, an anniversary getaway.

Treating grass stains, x-ing mosquito bites, applying band-aids.

Washing pool towels, washing pool towels, washing pool towels.

Watching free movies at the theater, playing free kids bowling, collecting free reading prizes at the library.

Traveling husband, teething baby, constantly-moving kids.

Painting toenails, applying sunscreen, spraying bug repellent.

Breathing in and breathing out. Trying to remember the days may seem long but the years are short. Hoping that some day yet this summer I can accomplish a couple of things on my To Do List. Praying for patience and energy and joy in all things.

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