Monday, July 21, 2014

Jaxton Isaac: Seven Months

Our summer has been full and time is moving fast, but in the midst of it I want to capture highlights of your first year. I've put blogging in the backseat for this summer, but think it's important to remember you month-by-month because before I know it, you'll be one. And then toddling. And then running and talking. And then you'll be one of my "big kids" and it just won't be the same anymore. I treasure these days of drooly grins, spontaneous babbling, and insatiable curiousity. 
For the better part of this month you didn't feel well - a snotty nose that wouldn't let up, a low fever, interrupted sleep, and a small appetite. In the midst of that, though, your smiles didn't stop. You laugh easily and smile almost continuously. Your siblings compete to see who can get the loudest laugh out of you and random folks in the grocery store or at the park stop to tickle your toes and comment on your happy smile. I hope that never changes, Jax.

You sit well independently and can reach for toys around you without toppling. You get up on all fours but haven't figured out the mechanics for making your hands and knees work together, but, it's no frustration to you because you can army crawl like nobody's business. I can't set you down and expect you to stay still - for being so small you are surprisingly quick!
And speaking of being small, your well-visit last month showed you weighed 14.4 pounds which placed you in the fifth percentile. My itty, bitty man.

You have (finally!) developed consistent sleeping habits and sleep 12 hours each night, with two great naps during the day. For a while I was wondering if this point would ever come.

When you're awake you are busy moving and not content to be left alone. You don't necessarily need attention or holding, but just want to be by someone else.
Seven months - over just like that. I treasure you, Jaxton, and am grateful that God chose me to be your mom. Your my handsome baby now, and you'll be my handsome buddy for always.

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