Friday, June 27, 2014

Jaxton Isaac: Six Months

Jaxton, buddy, I cannot get enough of you! You make my heart smile, and anyone looking at these pictures will have to work hard not to smile, too. Your peach-fuzzed head, all-consuming smile, and constantly-moving little body lights up any room. 
At six months, you can almost sit on your own. You have the tripod position mastered, but not long after you lift a hand and reach for a toy you topple over. You can army crawl with the best of 'em - from one side of the room to the other. You're a man on a mission when you see a toy you want!

You've started eating fruits and veggies a couple times a day and seem to really like them. You are a messy eater, but if you'd stop kicking and waving your hands for all of two minutes I bet we'd get a lot more food in your mouth than around it. Just a thought.

You like love bath time - a lot! I'm amazed at how much water damage you can do with a mere two inches of water in the tub. Your feet kick and splash and you are unfazed when your hand knocks a wave of water on your face.
You like your exersaucer, not so much for the barrage of toys in front of you, but because you're in a standing position and can jump to your hearts content. We tried putting you in the doorway jumper and discovered you didn't weigh enough to get your toes to touch the ground. You weren't a fan of hanging in the air suspended.

And, speaking of weight, I don't have your six-month measurements yet since you don't see the pediatrician for another week. My hunch is that you are still on the low end of the percentiles, based on elastic waists that I need to roll and double over to keep from sliding down.

Your bottom two teeth popped through this month and the whole family rejoiced when they appeared. It was a long, drooly, fussy, tearful couple of weeks getting those pearly whites in.
Jaxton, six months have happened in the blink of an eye! You are an entirely different little man than you were when you were placed in my arms back in December. I spend many moments of my day freezing time so that I can remember you at this stage. I love seeing you explore and experience things for the first time. It's a joy to be your mom and I'm grateful for the privilege of calling you mine. I love you Buddy!


  1. Oh my goodness ... that smile! He's adorable.

  2. aaaaand, just think! you're precious #4 will be here before you know it!