Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jaxton Isaac: Two Months

My littlest man is two months old - two months of sloppy smiles, soft gurgles, and bright eyes. His siblings adore him, his Daddy loves him, his Mamma treasures him, and none of us can imagine life without him. Amazing how that happens, so deeply and so intensely, in two short months.
Jaxton, you started smiling this month and oh-my-goodness-gracious were they smiles to remember! Your whole face lights up and your blue eyes dance. And speaking of blue eyes, I am so confused where they came from. Your parents and siblings have dark brown or hazel colored eyes. Your blue eyes take the prize on sparkle and my fingers are crossed they stay a true blue as you get older.

Before your darling smile emerged this month, you had two "ugly duckling" weeks. Your skin was dry and flaky; your hair thinned out and left you bald on top; and your sweet face was covered in acne. Getting your little body to stabilize hormones was hard work!
Your well-visit showed you weighed 10.7 pounds (the 10th percentile) and measured 22.5 inches (the 25th percentile). Still on the small side, but you're tracking exactly where your brothers and sister were at two months.

You have fallen into a great daily routine and your times to nap and eat are fairly consistent, which makes life a lot easier for your Mamma who's still working to find her daily rhythm with four little ones. Although you're far from sleeping through the night, you've gone from waking four times each night to only twice. Some mornings I wake up, lay in bed, and tell Jesus I'm too tired to get up and be a homeschooling mom. But because His grace is sufficient and because His strength is perfect, I'm somehow making forward steps and still getting things accomplished. Not everything and not even all the important things, but some things.
Even in the midst of schooling and cleaning and playing and errand-running and all the other things that occupy my day, I'm always excited to hold you and kiss your little face. I even appreciate the time to slow the pace of the moment and nurse you because that means I have time to be still or to pray or to think. I'm thankful for the moments we lock eyes and stare at one another; for the times you grasp my finger with your tiny hand and refuse to let go; for the chance to watch you sleep in total abandon even when the pace of life is whirling or the sound of things around you is anything but quiet.
Jax, you are a gift. A God-breathed, heaven-sent, prayer-answered gift. I love you little man.

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  1. Beautifully written & ah, yes, this captures everything I love about having a new baby...those quiet minutes amid the chaos of life, those first smiles that light up the world...such sweet moments precious to my heart! Jaxton is adorable & you are doing a GREAT job!!