Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Climb? Climb on.

"Belay on?"

"Belay is on."


"Climb on."

And let me tell you, I have three men that can climb, climb fast, and climb over and over and over!

I had every intention of going and keeping Annalyse entertained and Jax comfortable, but before I knew it, Grady was handing me a harness and suggesting a "simple climb for beginners." For the record, my husband assumes I have athletic inclination that, in fact, does not reside in my 5'9" frame. But I try anyway. Mostly because I know it makes him proud, and also because I have two little men who need to know their mom can scamper up rocks, too.
Annalyse has several pounds to gain before she qualifies to give rock climbing a try. Watch out when she is able: I have no doubt she'll own whatever wall she attempts. If not in ability to climb, at least in attitude to want to try. Her three and a half-year old self is a force to be reckoned with.
This past Christmas, Grady and I bought family passes to the U.S. National Whitewater Center. Because I was unable to do much the month of January until the doctor cleared me, and because most of February has been cold, this was my first visit this year. Grady has taken the boys a few times already to rock climb, explore the high ropes courses, and ride the zip line. Each time they come back excited and motivated because they were able to do more or do better than the last time.
The Whitewater Center is a short drive from home and is the ultimate backyard playground. We've enjoyed walking the trails, watching kayaking competitions, and even spending a full day doing some rafting, but this is the first year we've had all-access passes to enjoy. So, yes, this means that yours truly will have to get comfortable wearing a harness and acting competent in front of my boys while balancing on ropes.
The other day Micah had a well-visit with the pediatrician and I laughed to myself when he answered some questions.

Pediatrician: "Do you find ways to get regular exercise each day?"

Micah: "Well, most days. Some days there's not time because I'm too busy playing football or climbing trees or going to kung fu. But on the weekends when my Dad isn't working I do things like P90X or Insanity workouts with him and sometimes he takes me to the Whitewater Center to rock climb or do the high ropes courses."

The pediatrician casually glanced my way with a raised eyebrow and replied with, "I think you're doing okay on exercise and I have nothing to suggest for ways to get him moving."
Micah doesn't have any hesitancy about trying new sports and facing different adventures. He's sometime slow to think through cause and effect and action with consequence, but he's open to trying.

Grady Lee is almost the opposite. He's slow to try new things and likes to see it done several times before he tries. Grady Lee is also slower to act and is cautious in how he moves in something new.

But, once Micah has the general gist figured out and once Grady Lee has gained the necessary confidence, it's all about competition. Title rights to being the fastest or the strongest make or break an experience.

Jax has no idea what he's in for when it comes to hanging with his big brothers...

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  1. Looks like so much fun!!! Hmm...and you guys are outside without jackets in February and I see some short sleeve and shorts too...and we're supposed to get another 6-10 inches of snow on Monday!!! Remind me why we still live in PA again? ;)