Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Friday

Well look at that: it's Friday already. Wasn't it just Monday and wasn't I just prepping and organizing for this week? But, today's Friday is entirely different from last week's Friday. Rather than being snowed in and cozied up at home, we spent the day outside in springlike temps wearing t-shirts. The difference a week makes.

Earlier this week my boys enjoyed a fun science class for homeschoolers at the Discovery Place museum, and that gave Annalyse, Jax, and I two hours to play and wander together. Let me tell you, exploring that museum with a three-year old and an infant is an entirely different experience than when my boys are around. So relaxed. So leisurely. So, so... quiet. Based on the explanations my boys gave of the experiments they did and the friends they made, I think they're excited about future classes. 
I had an 8:00 dentist appointment this week. I never knew 8:00 was such an unreasonable hour to be somewhere looking half-way put-together until this week. I'm blaming it on a certain two-month old that is up a couple of times each night.

And speaking of that two-month old, Jax had his well-visit this week as well and checked out great. He offered the nurse lots of smiles and gurgles and even demonstrated his ability to turn purple with anger when pricked three times for vaccines. Most moms will agree: the best short-term benefit from shots is the guaranteed long naps that follow. 
Our family joined some friends for a Wednesday evening basketball game: Charlotte Bobcats vs Detroit Pistons. Had I not been sitting with a fun friend, I might be able to recall some interesting plays, frustrating fouls, or maddening ref calls. But really, all I can say is that we had super cheap tickets that gave us super bad seats, but because it was a weeknight game the stadium was super empty and we could move to super-much better seats and have a super fun time anyway. And, Jax handled the noise and the lights just fine. But maybe that's because he was too overwhelmed to cry or fuss. Or maybe because he had several other willing and doting arms to love him. 
I think a highlight this week was four hours to myself. As in me, myself, and I. Well, and Jax. But he slept almost the entire time so he doesn't really count. If I don't have to reprimand, wipe, buckle, or answer you, you don't count. The amount of errands I ran in that short window of time, in addition to an hour over lunch with a friend, was nothing short of inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that I plan to make it a bi-monthly event. When I got home my kids were less than excited to see me because apparently the babysitter let them play outside all morning and that ranks higher on their scale of fun that the school work I have them do. Oh the nerve.
So now it's Friday night and I'm about to enjoy a (big) bowl of ice cream while watching the Olympics with my Man. With a couple of windows cracked and the springlike temps wafting in.

Maybe tomorrow I'll review recent pics and think of clever stories to share about my kids. Or maybe I'll pound out some less than inspiring thoughts that muddle in my brain about parenting and homeschooling and relationships and church and community and ministry and other important things like the new vacuum I bought that has me totally geeked.

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