Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Past Month

For the past month, our home has not had a shortage of pumpkins. Pumpkin everything. Candles. Decorations. Coffee creamer. Baked goods. Salted seeds. It's found a place on our table for any given meal at any given time.
In one sense, there's the "Oh, it's autumn so I feel compelled to purchase and eat all things pumpkin." But in another sense, there's the "Yay! I've flipped the calendar to October and some of my favorite colors and scents and tastes are here!" 
But the past month has been more than autumn pumpkins.

The trees in our backyard are a brilliant yellow. We need jackets most mornings. My boys are ecstatic to wear their "shiny running pants" and hoodies, and my little girl thinks her boots are very fun to wear - ahem - with everything. I've even clicked the heat on a handful of times to give a warm blast to the cold kitchen some mornings. 
Hot cider. Cinnamon applesauce. Football. Leaf piles. Pumpkin patches. Hayrides. Walks in the woods. Fall festivals. We enjoyed it all during October. But the best part? November promises just as much autumn fun. My favorite time of year, for sure.
Months of snow? No thank you. Months of humidity and heat? I'll pass. Months of comfortable temps and outdoor beauty? Yes please!


  1. oh my word, I love all of these faces!! :D Grady's face: favorite "sideways smirk," Annalyses face: favorite "I love my friend" smile and Micah's face: favorite "I've got this going for me" look

  2. Such a cute picture of the girls!! Love it! We are officially over pumpkins...the raw ones. Now, the canned stuff? I'll still be using that for awhile! Glad you guys had a funtime at the pumpkin party!