Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Numbers As Of Late

Here are some facts and figures from my  life as of late:

- Seven full-size garbage bags donated to Goodwill. One happy husband for the tax write-off.
- Nine big Rubbermaid bins of clothes bought from a local consignor. One happy me for the cash in hand to use for winter clothes.
- Three big Rubbermaid bins of clothes passed on to friends. Hopefully happy friends who can use what I no longer needed!
- Seven packages of newborn and size one diapers bought and spread around the house. Changing stations in three places make those early weeks of at-least-once-an-hour diaper changes easier.
- Two bins of newborn clothes and linens washed and put away. If #4 comes early he has clean clothes!
- One VERY clean and VERY empty attic. Yippee!
- Two birdhouses (finally!) hung. I have two very happy little boys.
- One final soccer practice and one final soccer game this week. I have two very sad little boys.
- Two math workbooks completed and one reader finished resulting in three dance parties by two little boys. School hours have gotten loud and crazy this week.
- Four meals prepared via my crock pot. Knowing dinner is "ready" and it's only 9:00 am is a good feeling.
- Two meals via take-out. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
- One meals via my husband making fruit smoothies and calling it dinner. My kids love this, he grins and bears it, and I laid on the couch anticipating an imminent return from an earlier meal. 
- Two trips to the lake, two walks in the woods, and two visits to the park. The beautiful weather has been wonderful for three active kids.
- Millions of colorful leaves everywhere I look. My kids take notice and comment; my heart smiles at God's creativity; and my window views make washing dishes that much more enjoyable.
- Six days of November Thanksgiving Tree Leaves, two fall-related crafts, and three holiday-related movies. Three little people in my home thoroughly enjoy this time of year!
- Six inches gone for my once a year haircut, except in this case it was about 18 months. I've lost a couple of pounds and gained about 10 minutes of time with the lighter locks to blow dry.
- Half of my Christmas shopping is done and I haven't left the house. Is there a reason not to love online shopping?
- I've gained 25 pounds and if I stay on par with my other three pregnancies, I have five to seven more yet to gain before baby arrives. My maternity wardrobe is simply a uniform of four options and I rotate.

And, most exciting, ONE week closer to meeting my new little man, with approximately six weeks left until he arrives!


  1. Love these by the number posts...always make me think I could just ease back into blogging with a nice simple one like this...wishful thinking, I guess!
    But, regardless of your posts, I am always encouraged & inspired! (This week inspired to follow your lead & use my crock pot more!)
    Love your haircut!! And love the nesting as evidenced by all of the clothes sorting & giving away!!

  2. I agree with Melanie...someone is NESTING!!! :-) I love your haircut too! Thank you for passing along some of your baby clothes to mommies that need them. I cannot wait to meet your little man and cover him with kisses! I think you are officially on the home stretch! ;-)