Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick Or Treating

I had two Panther's Fans and one Minnie Mouse that ran the streets of our neighborhood for an hour and a half and collected not one, but two bucketfuls of candy. Thankfully, I've found clever ways to weed through their buckets and dump handfuls each day without their knowing - yet.
My boys had faces that looked more like messy clowns, but everything about their get-up was everything they asked for. Who was I to sway them differently when they were full of enthusiasm with their ideas on "being a crazy Panther's fan"?
And ever since talk of trick-or-treating surfaced in our home (probably as far back as early September), my little girl has, without missing a beat, insisted on being Minnie Mouse. "But all I want on my face is a black nose, okay Mom? Not anything else that looks silly like the boys." 
The fun thing about trick-or-treating is that the whole neighborhood seems to wake up. Instead of simple hand waves to neighbors as we pull in and out of our driveways, we're all out walking and talking. I like that.
The boys wanted to run from driveway to driveway, but the loud whines from a much slower three year old pleading for them to "Waaaaait! I'm coming, I'm coming! Wait for me!" kept them in check. And when her little legs finally wore out, she was happy to stroll and lick a lollipop while the boys continued their race from house to house.

Here we are, a handful of days later, and my boys are still donning their Panther's tattoos on their faces. And, much to their excitement, they "haven't come off and will still be there when we go to church!" Lovely.

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  1. Oh goodness! Love those cute "crazy Panther fans" and your adorable Minnie Mouse!!! SO cute! Looks like a fun evening! And I think it is interesting that Halloween is probably the friendliest day of the year neighborhood-wise, I like that, too, & wish people were out talking & engaging like that more often. We need to start a "friendly neighbor" holiday or something!