Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Short Break

I have gracious family and friends. Thanks for your interest in my life and for your time to read my blog. Your comments and messages are often day-brighteners. And, I am thrilled that I have connections with some wonderful people I wouldn't otherwise have if you hadn't somehow stumbled on this little blog and made return visits.

Thank you. So much!

Because there is more to tell than there is space to do it - or, better said - because there is more to tell than there is time to tell it, this simple post is to let you know that I'll be taking a break for a short while.

How long? Glad you asked, but sorry to say I don't have an answer. Just enough time to regroup and get proper focus and perspective. No, no, no - nothing major or traumatic has happened. Just life. And because so much life "stuff" is happening right now I don't like my track of hit-or-miss posts that lack content and focus.

I aim to connect with you again in a couple of weeks - just in time for the fun of holidays and the debut of Baby #4. Some of you ask if I'll share homeschooling tips and tricks. Some of you ask if I'll share personal insights on raising kids or making family a priority. Some of you ask if I'll give perspectives on current events as they relate to God and his truth. And some one you, some of you just want run-of-the-mill pictures and updates of my kids because you're doting family members trying to keep up with our lives from hundreds of miles away.

I'm thankful for all of your requests. Thankful because that means I have reason to keep posting - reason beyond my initial intent a couple of years ago to blog simply as a personal journal of family events. Somehow, your comments and interest grew my simple thoughts into something that was useful for people I never intended but who were somehow encouraged or challenged.

But for now, for these next couple of weeks, I'm stepping away from blogging and focusing on some other things. Thank you for caring. Thank you for understanding. And thank you in advance for checking back in the near future to connect again!

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