Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Not?

Grady had a day off of work. Why not enjoy it as a family?

My boys are home schooled. Why not enjoy the flexibility that offers?
The sky was sunny and the temperature was unseasonably warm hot. Why not take advantage of being outdoors?

Grady found a great deal for renting a pontoon boat. Why not take advantage of the lake that's less than five miles from home?
My kids are always up for a new adventure. Why not let them try tubing?

My husband really, really, really enjoys being on the water. Why not let him boat to his heart's content for five full hours?
We asked these questions and couldn't come up with any answer other than, "Yes! Why not?" An impromptu day-before decision to spend a day boating and swimming was a day our family will not soon forget.
We all had fun laughing and exploring and doing something new together. Together.

We all enjoyed putting work and school and home responsibilities behind us for the day to enjoy nothing but playing together. Together.
Time together. Time being active. Time outdoors. Time making memories. Why not?


  1. Love this!! So glad for you guys & it is so fun to spend a day on the water! Glad you answered your Why nots? with Yes, let's!!