Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aw Shucks: Fossils on the Farm

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I (along with a visiting Nana!) joined many home school families for a day at the farm. And, no, not just for the usual farm fun. Ever learned about and sifted for marine fossils at the farm? Me either. But that's what we did!
With roughly 100 home school friends and parents, the boys enjoyed learning about marine fossils: what are they, how they form, how to find them, how to identify them, and so much more.

Apparently the farm had loads of sand from the ocean bottom shipped to the farm. Then, they created an entire sifting center for kids to rinse and strain the sand until tiny bone parts, shark teeth, and fossil imprints were discovered. Two words: huge hit!
In fact, both boys now have small plastic baskets in their desk drawers that proudly display their fossil discoveries. They've done their best to investigate their finds with a magnifying glass and to compare what they have with pictures of fossil examples the farm provided.
My five-year old was in tears when our facilitator told the kids to pack up their finds and get ready to move on to the next station. "I've only identified and classified a couple of my shark teeth and I need to know if I have any manatee bone fragments" he sobbed. I suppose this makes him a true homeschooler - big vocabulary and geeky disposition to learn. But, between you and me, I'm rather proud.
Our day at the farm wasn't all about marine wildlife, however. We enjoyed a trailer ride through the woods; a chance to feed the goats and sheep; and plenty of time to race down the grain bin slide and run through the tumbleweed track. Wait, wait, wait... they enjoyed those things. This six-month pregnant mamma did in no way race down the slide or run in the tube. That was, ahem, Nana's joy and privilege!
Local friends, if you've never visited, Aw Shucks really is a must-do for outdoor family fun. The farm offers so much to see and do and the cost is very minimal. Our three hours at the farm were hardly enough and, in fact, we're considering another trip back to enjoy the corn maze, target shooting, play areas, and pumpkin patch. 

And, if my boys persist enough, perhaps for more fossil sifting.


  1. You got some GREAT pictures!!! Looks like it was such a fun day...sad I missed it! Please let me know if you are going back!!! I love how serious your boys are about sifting for fossils...and the pics of B and A are priceless!!

  2. SO cute! I agree with Celia, the pics of the girls are TOO cute!! What a totally awesome day! Jack went there with the MS youth last weekend & had a blast...and also came home with a baggie full of fossils & fragments! I am also hoping we can find some time to go back as a family, such a fun place! Awesome pics!