Sunday, October 6, 2013

When {More} Love Visited

My parents left and less than 48 hours later Grady's mom arrived. After months of not seeing either side of the family, we were spoiled with back-to-back visits of doting grandparents!
True sign of love #1: Nana drove 20 hours to spend 48 hours with our family. That's a whole lot of time in the car for a very little amount of time together.

True sign of love #2: Nana watched both boys play soccer and after the (rather dull and not full of much scoring) games she commented that her long drive here was worth it just to see her grandsons play soccer. As much as I enjoy watching my boys play soccer, I'm not sure I could say the same thing!
Our weekend with Nana was full of fun - spending time at a local pumpkin farm (pics to come soon); celebrating Annalyses's birthday; and playing games together here at home. For a short two days together, we fit a lot of fun into them!
We waved goodbye to Nana early Sunday morning and anticipate her coming back in late December when Baby #4 arrives. That's our Nana - always willing to drive the extra mile if it means time with those she loves!

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